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The typical applications of stainless steel

 投稿者:ruiqu  投稿日:2012年 7月17日(火)15時48分56秒

Most of the requirements  for the use of long-term to maintain the original appearance of the building  is. In determining the selection of stainless steel type, the main  consideration is the required standards of beauty, location of the atmospheric  corrosion as well as to the use of the cleaning system.

  However, other  application more and more is only seeking the structural integrity or  impermeable. For example, the industrial construction of roof and side wall. In  these applications, the owner of the building cost may be more important than  aesthetic, not very clean surface can also be.

  In a dry indoor  environment using430stainless steel, the effect is quite good. However, in the  country and the city to maintain its appearance on outdoor, often need  cleaning. In seriously polluted industrial area and coastal areas, surface will  be very dirty, even causing rust. But to obtain the outdoor environment  aesthetic effect, it required the use of nickel containing stainless steel.  So,304 stainless steel is widely used in curtain wall, side walls, roof and  other construction purposes, but in the erosion of the serious industrial or  marine atmosphere, preferably made of 316 stainless steel.

  Now, people have fully  realized in the structural use of seamless stainless steel superiority. There  are several design criteria included304 and316 stainless steel. Because"  bipolar" stainless steel 2205has good corrosion resistance and high  tensile strength and elastic strength com., therefore, the European guidelines  are also included in the steel.

  Stainless steel product  shape

  In fact, stainless steel  with a standard metal shapes and dimensions production, and there are many  special shape. The most commonly used products are made of sheet and strip, and  plate used in the production of special products, for example, the production  of Hot-Rolled Structural Steel and extrusion structure steel. But there are  circular, elliptical, square, rectangular and six corner welded pipe and  seamless steel pipe and other products, including profiles, bar, wire rod and  castings.

  Surface state

  As would later on, in  order to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects, has developed a variety  of different commercially available surface processing. For example, the  surface can be highly reflective or glossy; can be smooth, polished or  embossed; can be colored, color, plating or etching pattern on surface of  stainless steel, in order to meet the design requirements for the appearance of  various.

  Keep the surface state  is easy. Only occasionally washing can remove dust. Because of good corrosion  resistance, can be easily removed from the surface of graffiti pollution or  other similar surface contamination.

  Editor this paragraph  stainless steel design

  More than 60years,  architects have been made of stainless steel to build cost-effective permanent  building. Many of the existing buildings illustrates that this choice is  correct. Some are very ornamental, such as New York Chrysler mansion. But in  many other applications, stainless steel the role is not so attract sb.'s  attention, but in the building of the aesthetics and performance is plays an  important role in. For example, because the stainless steel than other same  thickness of metal material having abrasion resistance and resistance to indentation,  so in a large population flows of local building sidewalks, it is the design of  choice materials.

  Stainless steel used in  the construction of new buildings and used to repair the historical places of  historic interest and scenic beauty of structure materials for more than 70  years. Early in the design is in accordance with the basic principles of  calculation. Today, design specifications, for example, American Society of  civil engineers of the standard ANSI/ASCE-8-90" cold formed stainless steel  structure design code" and NiDI and Euro Inox published jointly by  the" structure of stainless steel design manual" has been simplified  by the use of long service life, good integrity of the building structure  design.

  Editor this paragraph  stainless steel future prospect

  Because the stainless  steel has the building materials requested by many desirable properties, it can  be said to be the one and only in the metal, and its development continued. In  order to make the traditional application of stainless steel in neutral better,  has been in the improvement of existing types, but, in order to meet the strict  requirements of advanced building application, now the development of new  Stainless steel seamless tube. Due to constantly improve production efficiency,  continuous quality improvement, stainless steel has become the architects to  select the most cost-effective material for one.


tile machinery

 投稿者:ruiqu  投稿日:2012年 7月16日(月)10時36分21秒

Our country tile mechanical  equipment along with our brick production development and with brick and  tile to raise the level of production technology of improving. Along with our  country the rapid growth of the national economy, the construction of urban and  rural basic strong pull, our country's brick and tile industry get fast  development. Brick and tile equipment level increases.

  The prospect of the development  of tiles machinery:  one is to emulate the international advanced level, the development of  independent innovation products, to high grade, high level and the automation  development direction; Two is to do a large production line equipment  supporting. Can production regular porous brick hollow bricks, and equipped  with high strength, the production of porous thin-walled well insulated,  bearing block equipment demand; Three is to pay attention to brick and tile  machinery products sales market broad sex. Brick and tile mechanical products  to satisfy the domestic market at the same time, to develop international  market. The developing countries of the third world and the surrounding  countries demand of brick and tile increased year by year, brick and tile  mechanical future international market potential is enormous.

  Therefore, in our country in the  future development prospect of the tile machinery is broad. We should seize the opportunity of history once in a blue  moon, reform and innovation, and takes on, to make our country a brick and tile  machine manufacturing raise a new level, welcome the world economic integration  to China brick and tile machine manufacturing the challenge.


Twin-screw extruder advantages

 投稿者:ruiqu  投稿日:2012年 7月13日(金)16時36分5秒

1. Can learn about the vulnerable  parts wear. Due to open the convenient, so can at any time found that thread  components, barrel lined with sets of wear degree, thus effectively repair or  replacement. Not in the extrusion product problems found that, cause  unnecessary waste.

  2. Reduce the production cost.  Manufacturing masterbatch, often need to change color, and if it is necessary  to change the product, in few minutes time to open KaiQiShi processing area,  and also can be through observing the whole screw on the profile of the melt to  mixing process analysis. At present the ordinary twin screw extruder in changing color, need to  use a lot of qing machine material clear machine, was slow, be, and a waste of  raw materials. But cutting fraction twin-screw extruder, can solve this  problem, change color, just a few minutes time to be able to play fast boot  tube, artificial cleaning, in this way, can need not or less with cleaning  materials and save cost.

  3 and improve labor efficiency.  In equipment maintenance, ordinary twin-screw extruder often the first heating,  cooling system to be removed, and then the whole spare screw. But cutting  fraction double screw are not, as long as loosen several bolts, turn the worm  gear box handle device up the upper half extension tube can open the barrel,  and then maintenance. Such already shortened maintenance time, also reduces the  labor intensity.

  4, high torque, high speed. At  present, the world twin-screw extruder is the  development trend of to high torque, high speed, low energy consumption  direction development, high speed bring effect that is high productivity.  Cutting fraction twin-screw extruder that belong to this category, its speed to  add 500 RPM. So in processing high viscosity, thermal sensitive material  aspects have a unique advantage.

  5, wide range of application, can  be applied to a variety of materials processing

  6, with ordinary twin-screw extruder has the  other advantages, can achieve high yield, high quality, and high efficiency.


316 stainless steel seamless tube

 投稿者:ruiqu  投稿日:2012年 7月13日(金)11時58分15秒

Seamless  steel tube with a hollow section, and the peripheral have no juncture of  strip steel. Steel pipe is hollow section, a large number of used for the  transmission fluid pipe, such as transport oil, natural gas, coal gas, water  and some solid materials, such as pipelines. Hot-rolled steel tube and solid  steel products such as compared to the same in bending wrest resistant  intensity, light in weight, it is a kind of economic section steel, are widely used  in the manufacturing of structural and mechanical parts, such as petroleum  drill pipe, auto transmission shaft, bicycle frame and construction of steel  used in construction scaffolding, etc. Use steel pipe manufacturing ring parts,  can improve the material utilization, simplify the manufacturing process,  saving material and processing time, such as rolling bearing collar, jack sets  etc, it is widely with steel pipes to make. Steel pipe or all kinds of  conventional weapons indispensable materials, * tube, cannon muzzles, are steel  pipe to make. Steel pipe according to the cross-sectional area of the different  shape can be divided into the pipe and irregular pipe. Because in circumference  equal conditions, the largest area of round, with a round pipe can carry more  fluid. In addition, the circle in section under internal or external radial  stress, and stress is more homogeneous, therefore, most of the steel tube is  pipe.

  But,  pipe have some limitations, such as by plane bending in the condition, the pipe  is not as good as the party, rectangular tube bending strength, and some farm  skeleton, gangmu furniture and used to party, rectangular tube. According to  the different USES to other section of the shape of steel pipe.

  1. The  structure with seamless steel tube (GB/T8162-1999) is used in a general  structure and mechanical structure of seamless steel tube.

  2.  Liquid transportation with seamless steel tube (GB/T8163-1999) is used to  transport water, oil, gas and other fluid general seamless steel tube.

  3. Low  medium voltage boiler with seamless steel tube (GB3087-1999) is used in the  manufacturing of various structure low medium voltage boiler superheated steam  pipe, boiling water pipe and locomotive boiler superheated steam pipe, to spend  time with little smoke a tube and tube, arch of high quality carbon structural  steel work brick hot and cold drawing (rolling) seamless steel tube.

  4. In  high pressure boiler seamless steel tube (GB5310-1995) is used in the  manufacturing of high pressure and above the water pipe pressure boiler of  quality carbon steel, alloy steel with and stainless steel seamless steel tube  heat.

  5.  Fertilizer equipment with high pressure seamless steel tube (GB6479-2000) is  applied to work temperature of 40 ℃ ~ 400-working pressure of 10 to  30 Ma chemical equipment and piping of high quality carbon structural steel and  alloy steel seamless steel tube.

  6.  Petroleum cracking with seamless steel tube (GB9948-88) is used in oil refinery  furnace tube heat exchanger and pipe, seamless steel tube.

  7. Geological  drilling with steel tube (YB235-70) is for the geological department of the  core drilling use steel pipe, according to use can be divided into drill pipe,  the drill collar, core pipe, casing and precipitation pipe, etc.

  8.  Diamond core drilling with seamless steel tube (GB3423-82) is used for diamond  core drill pipe, drilling core pole, casing of seamless steel tube.

  9. Oil  drilling pipe (YB528-65) is used in oil drilling in outer thickening thick or  both ends of seamless steel tube. Steel wire and car car runs two wire, wire  connection works joint car, car silk works the methods and tools butt weld  joint coupling.

  10.  Ship with carbon steel seamless steel tube (GB5213-85) is manufacturing ship  level I pressure pipe, Ⅱ level compression tube system, boiler and the carbon  steel seamless steel tube is overheating. Carbon steel seamless steel tube wall  temperature not over 450 ℃ work, alloy steel seamless steel tube wall working  temperature more than 450 ℃.

  11. Car  half collar work seamless steel tube (GB3088-82) is make cars and a half drive  axle of tube and shell bridge are useful shaft high quality carbon structural  steel and alloy rolling seamless steel tube.

  12.  Diesel engine by using the high-pressure tube (GB3093-2002) is making biodiesel  fuel injection system of high pressure useful cold drawn seamless steel tube.

  13.  Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder with inner diameter precision seamless steel  tube (GB8713-88) is manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder with inner  diameter size with precision cold drawn or cold rolling precision seamless  steel tube.

  14. Cold drawing or cold rolling  precision seamless steel tube (GB3639-2000) is used for mechanical structure,  hydraulic pressure equipment size high precision and good surface finish of  cold drawn or cold rolling precision seamless steel tube.

  Choose  precision seamless steel pipe manufacturing machinery structure or hydraulic  equipment and so on, can greatly reduce mechanical processing hour and improve  material utilization, and to improve the quality of products.

  15.  Structure in stainless steel seamless steel tube (GB/T14975-2002) is widely  used in chemical industry, petroleum, light textile, medical, food, machinery,  and other industrial corrosion pipe and construction parts and parts of the  stainless steel rolling (crowded, expanding and cold drawing (rolling) seamless  steel tube.

  16.  Liquid transportation use stainless steel seamless steel tube (GB/T14976-2002)  is used for the transmission fluid of the stainless steel rolling (crowded,  expanding and cold drawing (rolling) seamless steel tube.

  17.  Alien seamless steel tube is besides pipe outside of the other section of the  floorboard of seamless steel tube shape. According to the steel tube  cross-section shape size can be divided into different and wall thickness and  different seamless steel tube (code D), differ wall thickness of seamless steel  tube (code for BD), change of seamless steel tube diameter (code BJ). Alien  seamless steel tube is widely used for various structural components, tools and  machinery spare parts. And compared with round pipe, irregular pipe generally  has large inertia and section modulus, have bigger bending wrest resistant  ability, can greatly reduce weight structure, save steel seamless steel tube  prices.


The main functions of the outdoor first aid kit

 投稿者:ruiqu  投稿日:2012年 7月10日(火)16時21分28秒

The accident occurs, the correct  processing wound prevent infection is very important, because wound infection  caused serious consequences believe everyone to understand somewhat, sometimes  even deadly. In response to this, first  aid kit should be equipped with high quality sterile dressings, gauze,  bandage, disposable gloves, can be in the accident occurs effectively prevent  wound infection. And soft texture of first aid kit can also while you go out as  a temporary cushion, the pillow.

    First aid kit not but the  necessary safety car supplies, also can be used for family, daily life  sometimes hard to avoid bruising collision, especially the home have old  people, children, and equipped with all kinds of high standard of first aid kit  first aid supplies must be useful, such as a burn, in the first aid kit  including special burn dressing. Whether in the road or in the home, the  incident condition, we in the ambulance comes before, first aid kit will be of  utmost ease the deterioration of the injury, eliminate or reduce adverse  consequences.

  First aid blanket: especially in  winter, for the injured to the 20-30 minutes is likely to be the key to save  lives. Driving on business, tourism, such as climbing, on a field trip first  aid kit can also come in handy, go out in the outside, not at home, a more than  close security care, a family trust, less a family worry. At the same time, first aid kit can also be used  to communal, help the rest of the accident.


Display shelf

 投稿者:riches  投稿日:2012年 7月 4日(水)15時22分14秒

Display shelf

    Display shelves and product display shelf,  promotion of planes, portable exhibition and many, etc. According to the  characteristics of the product is, design and matching the product promotion of  exhibition frames, plus creative LOGO sign, make your product marked up front  and in public, and thus to increase product advertisement effect. Now some  brand customers have displaying (exhibition frames, reveal a) as a regular  promotion product in the application of the system, whether new product launch  or holiday sales promotion, and good results, to promote the brand image of the  stores, build festival atmosphere, improving sales, have to have the help very  much.

  Display  shelves classification:

  1,  according to the pattern can be divided into: console  exhibition frames, desktop exhibition frames, hanging exhibition frames,  alien exhibition frames, theme display head butt contest, and made brand, etc

  2,  according to the material can be divided into: paper exhibition frames, metal frames, organic glass frames, composite material reveal frame, drawing  board exhibition frames, aluminium board exhibition stand, acrylic exhibition  frames, etc

  3,  according to use can be divided into: exhibition frames, FuZhuangZhan frame,  ShiPinZhan frame, lubricating oil exhibition frames, supermarket shelves,  coating exhibition stand, for many, adorn article exhibition frames, publicity  frame, alcohol and tobacco exhibition stand, cosmetics exhibition frames,  TuShuZhan frame, adorn article exhibition frames, glasses exhibition frames,  etc

  Which console display shelf is now widely used in advertising  products and marketing in. One of the most common sheet, glass and stainless  steel material for material to be made. There is a display shelves that alien  exhibition frames, is accompanying commodity marketing industry competition  fierce situation, the style of the exhibition stand from the traditional be  born type to turn to the irregular design styles, such as apparel and  suspension of exhibition frames, and so on.


The plastic injection machine is the main injection molding equipment

 投稿者:riches  投稿日:2012年 7月 4日(水)15時20分46秒

The plastic injection machine  is the main injection molding equipment

  The plastic injection machine is the main  equipment in injection molding machine, injection machine technology and and  performance with the plastic property and injection molding process have a  close relationship. Injection molding equipment further improvement and  development of plastic moulding technology will push the progress, injection  products for the development and application of create conditions.

  Along with  the development of plastic and forming technology, the machine from the output  or whatever species are great growth. From the world plastic machinery main  production gome, Germany, Japan, Italy to see, injection molding machine  production is increasing year by year, and in the plastic machinery occupies a  large proportion.

  Along with  the development of plastic and forming technology, the machine from the output  or whatever species are great growth. From the world plastic machinery main  production gome, Germany, Japan, Italy to see, injection molding machine  production is increasing year by year, and in the plastic machinery occupies a  large proportion.

  The new  work and of the development and application of plastic injection molding machinery and  equipment to put forward higher request, make more varieties and specifications  to all, high efficiency, high speed, high precision, low energy consumption and  low noise direction, large plastic rise again. From the production of injection  molding machine several developed countries to see, 70 s production pin mold  force in 600 tons of plastic injection machine in 4%, 2% of more than one  thousand tons. But to the 70 s, due to the engineering plastic foam plastic  development especially structure in the automobile, machinery, large household  appliances,, architecture, the space and shipbuilding industry department's  widely hair and application, make plastic injection machine and to large. The  United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy has the ability of production  large injection molding machine.

  In large injection molding technology development,  the whole model system adopts full hydraulic pressure type or hydraulic a  mechanical, namely the crankshaft connecting rod type, both are in the market  competition ability. But no matter which kinds of form of note, the hair  direction must be to low energy consumption, low noise, easy to control the  clamping force, smooth operation, safe and reliable and easy to repair the  development direction.

  In recent  years, the technological development of small and medium-sized injection molding machine is very fast,  process parameters is concerned, the ability of plastic injection pressure, has  greatly improved. Some development into high series, the injection pressure has  451 Mpa (4600 KGF/cm), in the equipment of cavity pressure may be 98 Mpa (1000  KGF/cm), make the injection products rate is almost zero, 0.1 0.2 mm thick injection of thin pieces of  products.

  90 s  injection molding machine is energy saving, precision forming, the ultra  precision molding, low noise and high automation development direction. The  so-called energy saving is refers to the injection pump power from a save, save  electricity. Precision molding is refers to the production products dimension  precision range 0.01 0.001 mm,  the ultra precision molding is 0.001 0.0001 mm, low noise is to point to note function in  the stable and no hit and no vibration, according to defined in the distance on  1 m or so place machine noise  of the oil should be lower than 70 decibels. Advanced automation is refers to  the injection function operate from a long distance or unmanned operation,  ensure the precision of the products, the stability of the injection molding  process conditions will and reproducibility. In addition, microprocessor in injection molding machine is the  automatic control aspects of the most important developments.

  The  injection molding process for all kinds of plastic processing good  adaptability, production capacity is higher, and is easy to realize the  automation. In the rapid development of the plastics industry today, no matter  in the number or injection molding machine has an important place in variety,  its total production of the plastic injection molding equipment of 20% to 30%,  thus become the fastest growing in the machinery of plastic, one of the largest  number of production model.


The lawn mower maintenance

 投稿者:riches  投稿日:2012年 7月 4日(水)15時19分13秒

The lawn mower  maintenance

  After using lawn mower protection first,  put it all clean: next, check that all the screws, oil, oil surface, empty  filter, blades for defect, again, according to the lawn mower use fixed number  of year, strengthen the vulnerability of the inspection or replacement parts.  Periodic maintenance is more important.

  (1) the oil maintenance

  Each time you use lawn mower will check the oil  before oil noodles, see if in oil among ruler. The head should be 5 hours a  change of oil, 10 hours after should be a change of oil, according to situation  frequently after an oil change. Changing the oil in the engine should be in the  heat engine state, like this can the old oil completely replaced. If the oil  excessive will appear: launch difficulties, or black smoke particularly big, or  power small (coke formation, the spark plug gap cylinder too small), or engine  too much heat. If the oil too little will appear: engine gear noise or damage,  or $plug rim wear big, damage, or appear to pull tile phenomenon, cause  seriously damage the engine. So the oil maintenance is very important.

  2) the lawn mower air filter device  maintenance

  Every time before and after using use check  whether dirty, should frequently change frequently wash: if too dirty can lead  to engine difficult launched, black  stretching  small.

  (3) lawn mower and oil routes  carburetor maintenance

  Every time that should have added petrol  filter filtering, and it can't be long time put in the fuel tank inside, clean  carburetors used special carburetor cleaning, cleaning cycle depending on the  degree of carburetor dirty will decide. If gasoline engines fail, the engine won't start or  start immediately after flameout, should be cleaned.


The three major categories of blow molding machine

 投稿者:riches  投稿日:2012年 7月 4日(水)15時17分35秒

The three major categories of blow molding  machine

    Blow molding machine can  be divided into extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and  special structure blow molding machine three categories. Stretching blow  molding machine may be relegated to the above in each category. Extrusion blow molding machine is extruder and blow  molding machine niv mode combination of institutions, the extruder and type of  billet die head, huff device, molmerged institutions, type slab thickness  control system and transmission mechanism composition. Type the die head is  decided to blow molding billet products one of important component of quality,  there are usually side feeding type die and the central feeding mould head.  Large products used more storage when blow material cylinder type billet die  head. Storage materials for 1 kg  minimum volume cylinder, the maximum of up to 240 kg. Type slab thickness control device used to  control type slab wall thickness, the control points as many as 128 points,  generally for 20 ~ 30 points. Extrusion blow molding machine production volume  can be a range of 2.5 ml to 104 l  hollow products.

    Injection blow molding  machine is the combination of injection molding machine and blow molding  institutions, including plasticizing institutions, hydraulic system, control  electric appliance and other mechanical components. Common types have three  station injection blow molding machine and 4 Labour injection blow molding  machine. 3 Labour machines are preform, prefabricated type huff and stripping  three points, each workstation are 120 °. 4 Labour machine is a progressive  advance molding, each workstation are 90 °. In addition, there are between 180  ° of progressive apart double location injection blow molding machine.  Injection blow molding machine production of plastic container size is exact,  without a second process, but the higher cost of mould.

    Special structure blow  molding machine is to use sheet material and molten material and the cold  billet for blow molding with special shape of billet and use of hollow blow  molding machine body. Because the production of products of shape and different  requirements for blow molding machine structure also each different.  


Bottle blowing machines technology development

 投稿者:riches  投稿日:2012年 7月 4日(水)15時16分33秒

Bottle blowing machines  technology development

  Beverage  enterprise for bottle blowing machines has two big urgent needs one is because of plastic raw material prices continue  to rise, drink with defining and don't want to reduce the enterprise packaging  cost to achieve the maximization of profit, so need to use of the advanced extrusion  blow moulding machines produce lighter weight bottle; The second is due to  the changing market changes with each new day, the beverage production  enterprise must drink more and more to the life cycle of short to flexible  reaction, and the corresponding PET  bottle production is increasing frequently update products problem, in the  process of production need to change the time produces moulds to a  minimum. The two big pressing needs to bottle mechanical equipment supplier out  a big problem.

  Closed  Loop technology refers to the process parameters calibration of integrated  attachment in stretch  bottle blowing machines process control system, form a Closed, automatic  control and automatic adjustment of combining the production cycle. Intelligent  machine control technology to improve bottle blowing machines quality guarantee  system. Through the AgrPETWallplus monitoring system for the use of such as  bottles of wall thickness and bottle preform a variety of data monitoring. At  work, the deviation of the ratings system data will be immediately  identifiable, this information will be sent to the timely bottle blowing machines  PET bottle preform mould heating unit control system, the control system will  quickly reflect and a separate control within the heating furnace heating tube  ratings. So even if every bottle of different data, in the initial set of  process parameters remain unchanged, the production of bottle quality still is  stable and reliable.